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  • Cracking & Shelling Machine

    The following nut and seeds shelling machines have been tested and recommended by many of clients. Completely cracked and purely separated.

  • Nuts & Seeds Shelling Line

    Able to stand alone or be integrated into assembly shelling line; Sorting the nuts to different grades is preferred for best results before cracking.

  • Kernels Peeling Machine

    We are providing clients with an extreme quality range of shelling machine and peeling machine. It's where you go to save BIG. Compare price & service!

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sunflower seeds shelling line
Sunflower Seeds Hulling Line

Sunflower seeds hulling line consists of the following eight parts: Hopper, Material Hoist, Muti-functional Impurities Remover, Bucket Elevator, Hulling Machine, Vibrating Conveying & Separating Machine, Wind-recycling Unshelled Materials System and Controller Cabinet. This shelling system has the quality of high shelling rate, few broken kernels, high automatic degree, easy operation and maintenance. We have two models for choice: TFKH-1200 and TFKH-1500. Other customized capacity is welcomed.

buckwheat hulling machine
Buckwheat Seeds hulling Machine

Working Process of buckwheat hulling: Buckwheat grains → Elevating → Shelling & Separating → Checking the un-hulled buckwheat → Flowing back for Re-hulling → Pure kernels. During the hulling process, the buckwheat kernel-shell can be separated automatically, and meanwhile the machine can sort out the broken from the kernels. It adopts dry method hulling process, no preheating to buckwheat required beforehand. Easy operation, high rate of whole kernels and perfect kernel-shell separation. Customization is available.


State-of-the-art shelling machines, hands-on attitude toward management, as well as employees who truly care about the products we produce make us the mainstay of the shelling industry in China. Because of the combination of these practices we can consistently supply quality machines which far exceed international standards. Our offered Shelling Machines, Hulling Machines and Peeling Machines have gained appreciation over the global platform for its low maintenance, easy operation and energy efficiency. Moreover, our clients can get these machines at an affordable price.

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    This is a guide for shelled nuts and hulled grain seeds application. We create profitable business ideas for your shelling industry with quality shelling and hulling machines.