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Macadamia Nut Cutting Machine
Get to Know Macadamia Nut Cutting Machine

Macadamia nut cutting machine is a kind of nuts grooving machine. It is designed for opening a slot on the macadamia shell. As macadamia nuts are spherical and wrapped by hard nut shell, in order to make the condiments infiltrate into nuts when frying and make it easy to eating with a piece of iron, making a slot on the shell is really needed. Therefore, macadamia nut cutting machine is quite important in producing macadamia nuts.
The macadamia nut cutting machine can slot into macadamia nuts shell automatically. It operates easily and efficiency. What’s more, macadamia nut cutting machine will not damage the nutlet. This machine includes frame, feed mechanism which installed in the upper frame, and slot mechanism installed at the bottom of feed mechanism.





120kg/h Macadamia Nut Cutting Machine

1.This machine is the professional machine of breaking macadamia nuts.
2.This machine adopts unique brush leak-proof broken shell technology which can solve the problem of blind spot during the broken shell nuts leakage production. The brush roller can prevent some of macadamia nuts which do not enter into received material concave hole from feed channel.
3. This macadamia nuts cutting machine has ejecting mechanism. It can prevent two macadamia nuts got stuck at the entrance of received material concave hole.
4.This machine also adopts unique blade and cone the broken shell technology, which can solve the issues such as feed the outside due to inconsistent uneven broken shell is not complete.
5.With high broken shells rate,over 99%.


Macadamia Nut Cutting Machine Working Video


Macadamia Nut Cutting Machine Specifications
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Working  manner
Electric & pneumatic

We Supply Macadamia Nuts Shelling Machine too.

Process Flow of Macadamia Nut Cutting Machine

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1.Feeding: Pour the macadamia nuts on the feeding port. With the piston rod of cutting cylinder stretching out and the sliding block moving forward, the stuffing plate comes forward and the clip holding mouth open. As the stuffing plate and the sliding block moves forward, the feeding roller contrarotates, and the macadamia nuts falls into received material funnel, then entered open clip holding mouth and stays in retainer plate.
2.Slotting: With the forward movement of piston rod of clip material cylinder and sliding block and the clip holding part, macadamia nuts are clamping firmly, then slot by high speed rotating circular blade which is driven by electrical machine. Due to the stuffing plate connected to the roller of the arc guide component, the stuffing plate moves backwards along the curved tack of the arc guide component, thus makes arc cutting into macadamia nuts which reduces damage to the nut.
3.Unloading the Nuts: After slotting, the piston rod of cutting cylinder back stretch and the clip holding prat moves to the end. As the piston rod of clip material cylinder retracted, macadamia nuts drop fro collection and the processing finishes.

Product Name: Macadamia Nut Cutting Machine