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Pine Nuts Shelling Machine
Introduction to Pine Nuts Shelling Machine

pine nuts shelling

pine nuts shelling

This Pine nuts shelling machine is our latest developed shelling equipment, specially designed for shelling pine nuts. Pine nuts, in 10 mm dimension, are much smaller than other tree nuts like almond, hazelnut, walnut. Our pine nut shelling machine can crack pine nuts with no damage to pine nut kernels. Kernels will come off pine nut hulls and flow to gravity tables when cracked pine nuts are shaken by sizing decks. 




Pine nuts Shelling Equipment Component

pine nuts shelling

Our pine nuts sheller unit can help you shell raw pine nuts in one step. It has overcome some functional problems in pine nuts processing. The pine nuts shelling unit have grading and shelling steps, multiple screening and re-cracking functions.

pine nuts shelling process

Pine nuts Shelling Equipment Components
1. Pine nut grading machine: consist of input hopper, elevator and sizing machine.

  Pine nut shelling machine: consists of input hopper, elevator, de-hullers (it varies with different kinds of pine nuts), separating screen, laminated spring plate conveyor.

  Kernel peel removing machine:  consists of input hopper, spiral elevator, peel-kernels separator and twin-outlet elevator.

pine nuts grading machine

pine nut shelling machine

pine nut peeling removing machine




Pine nuts Shelling Machine Features

pine nuts shelling

pine nut shelling machine review

1. Pine nuts shelling machine combines the friction and impacting force perfectly to achieve high shelling efficiency and meanwhile broken rate is greatly reduced.
2. The shelling rollers gap can be adjusted according to nuts sizes.
3. We adopt the best performance positive-pressure combo gravity-separator to separate the pine kernels from the shells.
4. The pine nut shelling unit features easy operation, high degree of automation, safe and reliable performance.
5. It is truly the best pine nuts cracking machine in the world, if you have interest in pine nuts business, please do not hesitate to choose our high quality nut shelling unit. 




Pine Nuts Shelling Equipment Specifications
Cross Weight
Perfect Kernel
Pine Nut Grading Machine: 800-1000 kg/h
> 98%
Pine Nut Shelling Machine: 150-180 kg/h
Product Name: Pine Nuts Shelling Machine