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  • Cracking & Shelling Machine

    The following nut and seeds shelling machines have been tested and recommended by many of clients. Completely cracked and purely separated.

  • Nuts & Seeds Shelling Line

    Able to stand alone or be integrated into assembly shelling line; Sorting the nuts to different grades is preferred for best results before cracking.

  • Kernels Peeling Machine

    We are providing clients with an extreme quality range of shelling machine and peeling machine. It's where you go to save BIG. Compare price & service!

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  • Almond Cracking & Shelling Machine Almond Cracking & Shelling Machine

    Almond shelling machine is one necessary shelling machine in almond processing factories. We offer different capacity(200-1000kg/h) to meet your demand.

  • Palm Nut Shelling Machine Palm Nut Shelling Machine

    This palm nuts shelling & separating machine is to be used for cracking and separating palm nuts and other nuts, such as apricot nuts, hazel nuts, almond, peanuts etc.

  • Pine Nuts Shelling Machine Pine Nuts Shelling Machine

    It is an original technology, which can be used to size, dehull and separate. Meanwhile, the un-hulled seeds will go back to the dehullers for automatic re-hulling.

  • Hazelnut Shelling Machine Hazelnut Shelling Machine

    We have three hazelnut shelling units for your choice: 200-300kg/h, 300-500 kg/h and 1000kg/h. Our automatic hazelnut cracking shelling unit is of easy operation and excellent separating effect.

  • Buckwheat Seeds Hulling Machine Buckwheat Seeds Hulling Machine

    It adopts dry method hulling process, no preheating to buckwheat required beforehand. The hulling and separating machine features easy operation, high rate of whole kernels and perfect kernel-shell separation works.

  • Castor Seed Shelling Machine Castor Seed Shelling Machine

    We adopt the negative pressure vibrating separator to sort out all the shells, and discharge the shells out through shells-discharger. The percentages of seeds in final kernels is less than 1%.

  • Cashew Nut Shelling Processing Line Cashew Nut Shelling Processing Line

    All parts in Automatic cashew nut shelling line are controlled by PLC. Fully automatic design can save more working time. High efficiency in shelling and separating machine. The final perfect cashew kernels can reach 98%.

  • Sunflower Seeds Hulling Line Sunflower Seeds Hulling Line

    The sunflower seeds shelling and separating equipment, possesses high automatic characters. The processing flowchart is cracking, shelling, separating, grading and rechecking the sunflower seeds and kernels.

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