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Almond Peeling Machine
Get to Know Almond Peeling Machine

Wet type almond peeling machine is specially designed for peeling the brown skin of almond kernels. High quality automatic almond peeling machine have a high peeling rate and low broken rate. It’s a necessary device in almond processing. Peeled almond enjoys a good taste and flavor and it can be used in deep processing of canned almond, almond dish, almond drink and almond dew.

Features and Advantages of Almond Peeling Machine

almond peeling machine

1. Moderate peeling ways protect almond kernels from being crushed.
2. High peeling rate up to 98% and low broken rate less than 1%.
3. Wet type peeling machine needs soaked almonds.
4. Main parts are made from stainless steel and have a long service life.
5. This almond peeling machine is also suitable for peeling peanut, soybean, pine nut, cashew nut etc.



Working Principle of Almond Peeling Machine (Wet type)

1. Please soak almond nuts into hot water for a few minutes before peeling. This wet type almond peeling machine would run smoothly with soft soaked almond and have a high peeling rate.
2. Pour wet almonds into feeder and they will flow to the inner cabin. Almonds rub against the soft rubber rollers. The mixture of peeled almonds and peels are separated by separators.
3. Peeled almond kernels and peels will flow out of almond peeler in different outlet. The final almond are perfect and intact.

Almond Peeling Machine Application
This almond peeling machine is not only for peeling almond but also suitable for peeling peanut, soybean, cashew nuts etc. Almond peeling machine is applied in automatic almond shelling line. Peeled almonds are good materials in deep processing of canned almond, almond dish, almond drink and almond dew.

Almond Peeler Machine Working Video

Parameters of Almond Peeling Machine
Peeling Rate
Almond Peeling Machine I
> 98%
Almond Peeling Machine II
> 98%

How to Store Peeled Almonds
Peeled almonds would go bad quickly if they are not kept well. Almonds exposed in air can turn soft and lose their original flavor and taste when oxidated. Here are some methods to store peeled almonds.
1. Lock peeled almonds in sealed containers.
Sealed containers can stop air in and protect almond from being oxidated.
2. Do not forget to put them in dry place.
Even if you keep peeled almonds in tight contains, you have to put them in dry and clean places. There are much moisture in wet environment.
3. Dry almonds can have a long store life.
Please make sure that your peeled almonds are completely dry. You can use a paper to dry them.

Product Name: Almond Peeling Machine