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Peanut Shelling Machine

This Peanut Shelling Machine has a compact structure, easy operation, and reliable performance. It is used to shell peanuts; can separate shells and kernels with high efficiency and almost without damage to the kernel; the shelling rate can be ≥95%, the breaking rate is≤5%.

Oat Seeds Hulling Line

The oats seeds hulling and separating machine is the best choice for the oats processing plant, with full automatic performance and a high rate of hulling rate. Very easy installation and operation. You can achieve an ideal separating result by adjusting the angle of screens.

Macadamia Nut Cutting Machine

The macadamia nut cutting machine can slotting into hard macadamia nut shell to make it easier to eat. Equipped with unique brush for leak-proof and special blade, the machine can cut macadamia nuts efficiency and with little damage to the nuts.

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We Also Supply High Quality Electromagnetic Nut Roasting Machines For Your Deep Nut Processing

DCCL Series Roasting Line

We provide the roasting line which can be equipped with a 2m to 10m roasting machine. Besides, the whole line is equipped with a hoist, cooling bed, and vibrating screen to create a fully automatic roasting line, from feeding, roasting, and cooling.

DCLS Series Roasting Line

The DCLS series electromagnetic roasting production line is featured with a high degree of automation, fast speed, high output, and low power consumption. It is for continuous roasting of oilseeds, spices, grain, chemical, feed, etc.

Shop Nut Roaster

Two models of mini nut roaster are available for home use and small shops. 220V voltage and small size make this roaster more convenient to use. Electromagnetic heating technology contributes to energy saving and environmental protection.

Chestnut Roasting Machine

The special chestnut roasting machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. It can roast chestnut automatically, energy-saving, and environment friendly. The chestnut is heated in the roaster evenly, making it's color consistent.

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