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How to Enjoy Buckwheat?

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Buckwheat, a slightly deceptive name that can easily confuse people and is thought to be wheat. Actually, buckwheat is not wheat, and even it has no relation to wheat. It is the seed of a fruit related to rhubarb and sorrel making it a suitable substitute for grains. Buckwheat seed with a unique triangular shape is of similar size to wheat kernels. Buckwheat seeds are rich in minerals such as zinc and copper and extremely high in protein, we can say that buckwheat is a whole grain with many health benefits. Therefore the main use of buckwheat is for human food.

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In order to be edible, the outer hull must be removed, a process that requires special hulling machine–buckwheat seeds hulling machine due to its unusual shape. Most of the hulled buckwheat seeds utilized as food for human being in the form of flour. The buckwheat flour is available in either light or dark forms and compared with light flour the darker variety is more nutritious. Generally, the flour is dark-colored due to the hull fragments not removed during the milling process. The flour can be used to make noodles, buckwheat griddle cakes, pancake mixes, cookies and other bread-like products.

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Some buckwheat seeds are used in the form of groats, either unroasted or roasted. Groats are the product that is left after the hulls are removed from the kernels. Unroasted buckwheat or raw buckwheat has a soft, subtle flavor, and the color of them is light brown or green and don’t have much of an aroma; while roasted buckwheat generally referred to as kasha has more of an earthy, nutty taste and the color of them is reddish-brown. Groats may be marketed as whole groats, cracked groats, or as a coarse granular product. These products are used for breakfast food, porridge, and thickening materials for soups, gravies, and dressings.
Whether buckwheat flour or groats must be used fresh because their fat content is high and they soon become rancid.

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Last but not least, another commercial usage of buckwheat is buckwheat tea. Buckwheat is well-known for its metabolic wellness benefits to support blood sugar balance, blood cholesterol balance, and blood pressure balance. It has rich content of flavonoid anti-oxidant, particularly Rutin. Its high protein and mineral content helps curb appetite by making people feel fuller and longer. Thus it is often used as a part of a weight loss plan as a hunger-quenching drink. By drinking buckwheat tea before a meal, you may end up eating less and experiencing a higher level of satisfaction.

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