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How to Use Sunflower Seeds Shelling Machine?

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Thanks to the development of technology and economy, more and more users prefer to purchase the sunflower seeds shelling machine. However, there are numbers of customers who not really grasp the correct method of operating the sunflower seeds shelling machine, which not only causes that shelling efficiency of finished kernel quality is poor, but also the production efficiency is very low. All these seriously affect economic benefits and social benefits of the sunflower shelling machine. Here some successful experience is listed for customers so they will get more benefits from using the sunflower shelling equipment.

The Main Structure of Sunflower Seeds Shelling Machine

There are mainly nine parts of the machine, namely hopper, material hoist,multi-functional impurities remover, bucket elevator, hulling machines, separating machines, wind-recycling unshelled materials system, kernels containers and controller cabinet.

Working Process of the Sunflower Seeds Shelling Machine

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The sunflower seeds are uniformly and continuously fed into the hopper and lifted by the material hoist to remove the impurities by muti-functional impurities remover and then the sunflower seeds are gone through the following processing steps successively: shelling seeds, separating husks and kernels, checking the kernels, recycling the unshelled seeds, shelling the unshelled seeds again and pure sunflower kernels.

Advantages of the Sunflower Seeds Shelling Machine

The equipment has the advantages of low energy consumption, compact structure, little space occupation, stable in performance, high shelling rate and few broken kernels,the high degree of automation, user friendly and easy maintenance, etc.

Points for Attention

1. The moisture content of sunflower seeds must be moderate, too dry or too damp affects work efficiency badly. To ensure high shelling rate and low breakage rate, attention must be paid to the humidity.
2. The power voltage can not be low. If you want the motor work normally, voltage must reach its rated voltage. In the rural areas where the wires and the circuit are not very standard and the voltage is insufficient need transformer to ensure the required output voltage. Otherwise voltage deficiency affects the shelling rate, and shortens the equipment service life.
3. We should check if the fastener is tightened, the rotating part is flexible, each bearing is greased, and if shelling machine is placed on smooth ground before the sunflower shelling equipment is used; and also check if the voltage reached the required output voltage before using the equipment.
4. After starting motor, we should let it idling a few minutes to make sure there are no abnormal noises. If everything is OK, then we can feed the sunflower seeds to be shelled.
5. People should keep a distance away from the working motor to avoid wounding.
6. When the equipment is not in use, it should be cleaned and then be covered to avoid the sun and rain.

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