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Why Cashew Nuts Sold in the Market are all Shelled ?

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Cashew nut is different from hazelnut, walnut, peanut or any other nut which grows out of the plant tree directly. Cashew nut is attached to the lower portion of the cashew apple which is conically shaped. The cashew nut hangs at the bottom of the apple and is c-shaped.

cashew nut

The kernel is consumed in different ways by the consumer as a snack in roasted and salted nuts. It could be used in confectionery and bakery products, for example, finely chopped kernels are used in the production of sweets, ice creams, cakes, and chocolates, both at home and industrially, and as a paste to spread on bread cashew. It is estimated that 60% of cashew kernels are consumed in the form of snacks while the remaining 40% are included in confectionery.

However, while we are enjoying all these delicious cashew nut products, have you ever thought about one thing: why cashew nuts sold in the market are all shelled cashew nuts.

cashew nut kernel

The problem lies in the cashew’s family tree. Cashews are in the same family as mangoes, poison ivy, and poison sumac. Many plants in this family produce an oil that can cause a nasty, painful rash. The cashew’s share of urushiols are concentrated in an oily liquid trapped between the two layers of the shell, so handling and eating raw cashews will cause the familiar itchy skin reaction in people sensitive to the chemicals. People who are sensitive to one plant in the family, for example, poison ivy, are likely to be sensitive to others.

Therefore before cashew nuts being sold, they are must be shelled. The shelling of cashew nuts is the most difficult operation in cashew processing. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of shelling ways: manual shelling or mechanical shelling. Manual shelling is carried by using wooden mallets and pieces of bent wire, but this often leads to cashew workers suffering from burning rashes and eye irritation. Mechanical shelling is done by the cashew nut shelling machine automatically. Because of the lurking urushiols, cashews must be processed very carefully. Thus typically after being shelled, they are often roasted. When cashew nuts are being roasted at high temperature, the shell oil can be destroyed, so commercially sold cashew nuts do not trigger a reaction.

cashew nut kernel delicacy

cashew nut cake

coated cashew nuts

In short, we are lucky. Thanks to the cashew nuts shelling workers and cashew nut shelling machines, we can enjoy delicious cashew nut products without fear.

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