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Hazelnut Is a Treasure

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Hazelnut is a treasure. After husk separation made by the separator-machine, the shelled hazelnuts are dried up to 4–6% humidity under sunshine. The shelling process is made by hazelnut shelling machine. And then the hazelnut kernels, the hazelnut shells and the hazelnut husks are applied to appropriate industries without wastes.

hazelnut kernel

Hazelnut kernels are a sweet-flavored nut that contains vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and healthy fats. Due to these nutrients, hazelnut kernels are good for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and snails; kernels provide many health benefits, including regulating a healthy blood pressure; heart-healthy fats contained in the kernels can protect heart health.
The hazelnut kernels are used in confectionery to make some pralines, in chocolate for some chocolate truffles, and in hazelnut paste products. Hazelnut is a primary ingredient of the vodka-based liqueur Frangelico. Although hazelnut kernel is low in natural saccharides, when it is added to coffee, hazelnut-flavored coffee seems to be slightly sweetened and less acidic. Hazelnut oil pressed from hazelnuts is strongly flavored and used as a cooking oil. In addition, shelled hazelnuts can be enjoyed in baked recipes, as snacks, and at meals. They can also boost the nutritional profile of a salad. In a word, hazelnuts provide many health benefits and are a good conclusion in the daily diet.

hazelnut shells

While the nuts are prized for cooking, baking, eating and being processed out of hand; on the other side once shelled by the hazelnut shelling machine, another precious and important product appears– hazelnut shells. In generally hazelnut shells can be turned into biomass briquettes by the biomass briquette machine and they can be used to heat houses, apartments, farms. In chemical sector, they can be used to make these products: brick coal, gas mask, furfural, plastic products, resin production and oil refinery, etc.. At the same time, if it is turned into pellets by the wood pellet mill, it can be used for isolation for buildings. By the way, hazelnut shells do not immediately absorb water, so they can provide an organic biodegradable mulch to protect topsoil and prevent weeds. Pathways and areas covered with the mulch will remain solid and become less muddy.

hazelnut husks

At last, it comes to the hazelnut husks. Hazelnut husk has high organic matter content and after a composting process, it can be applied to soils to improve physical properties such as aggregate stability, hydraulic conductivity, and aeration. Furthermore, when hazelnut husks are made into pellets or briquettes by the wood pellet machine, a new, clean, renewable and valuable biomass can be a part of the solution to global energy problems.

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