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Pine Nut Oil Can Lend a Helping Hand to You

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Pine nuts are actually not a nut; they are the seeds of a variety of species of pine tree. The seeds are edible kernels as other nuts like almond, walnut, and hazelnut. Pine nuts are typically thick-shelled and grow inside of pine cones. Therefore special equipment is used to remove the nuts from the cones, and then the pine nuts are shelled mechanically by the pine nuts shelling machine, and pine nut kernels are then separated out to be processed into different products: pine nut oil, pine nut juice, pine nut sauce, pine nut wine or pine nut snacks, etc.

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Here I will highlight pine nut oil, which can lend a helping hand to you on your way to weight loss.

Due to its pinolenic acid content, pine nut oil is an effective appetite suppressor. Pinolenic acid elevates levels of cholecystokinin, a hormone that controls appetite in the brain which in turn helps suppress appetite as long as four hours. The benefit of appetite control at mealtime is critical to anyone interested in cutting calories and losing weight, especially those who have struggled to overcome feelings of hunger and deprivation while dieting.

Thus if you want to be slim, you can just buy pine nut oil products which are in supplement forms such as pine nut oil capsules, chocolates, bars, and shakes in the market directly or you can try one of the following ways of using pine nut oil.

Firstly, sprinkle shelled pine nuts on your salad or in your soups. Pine nuts are natural sources of pine nut oil and add extra fiber and protein to your dietary intake. You can also grab a handful of pine nuts for a snack to curb your appetite.

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Secondly, grind pine nuts in food processor to release more oil. Grind pine nuts can be used as spreads on crackers, cookies or in pesto sauces. Grinding the nuts gives an extra release of the oil so it is more readily absorbed.

Thirdly, drizzle pine nut oil on your salads or in soup. Pine nut oil adds an extra, slightly sweet flavor and tastes great on salads or drizzled in soups to give you a full feeling for hours.

Fourthly, try taking one teaspoon of pine nut oil three times per day before meals to suppress the appetite. Not only will this make you feel fuller while eating, the pine nut oil interferes with your food craving triggers so you eat less for hours after consuming it. Pine nut oil also helps control stomach acid.

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