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Is It Safe to Eat Sunflower Seeds Whole?

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Maybe it is not an exaggeration to say that people all over the world are familiar with sunflower seeds and like to eat the inside of the seeds kernel as food, because these shelled sunflower seeds are a nutritious snack that is a good source of nutrients. Thus shelled sunflower seeds are widely used in making sunflower oil, cooking and seasoning, cosmetic products and also medical industry. On the other side, the sunflower seeds are used for preparing pet food for dogs and birds or once the oil has been extracted from the seed, a rich paste rich in proteins can be mixed with regular feed and given to all types of livestock.

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However, when you eat sunflower seeds, have you ever noticed that typically you eat the sunflower seeds whole without discarding the hard shells or hulls? Is it safe to eat sunflower seed shells? The answer is No. You should avoid eating the shells. Firstly, eating sunflower seed shells can be sharp if not chewed properly. If swallowed, these jagged edges can damage your intestines or cut other parts of your digestive tract. Secondly, since the shells are made out of fiber, eating large amounts of them may also have a laxative effect. People who eat too much fiber may experience diarrhea and nausea. In some severe cases, the shells may even block the rectum.
Therefore the shelled sunflower seeds are a better choice for people who like to eat the sunflower seeds whole. And in this way these people let sunflower shells have their place. Once sunflower seeds are shelled by the sunflower seeds hulling machine in large quantity, the shells can be used in the construction and agriculture industries. The shells can be used to make a natural-fiber wood panel, which presents an environmentally friendly alternative to other wood products because the shells are renewable, recycled waste products; sunflower seed shells are allelopathic, which means that they produce the chemical that inhibits the growth of other plants.

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This property makes sunflower seed shells well-suited for use as mulch in gardens and flower beds because of their ability to suppress weeds. Furthermore, sunflower seed shells can be used as animal feed and fuel. The hulls are comprised of ash, crude protein, lipid material, reducing sugars and carbohydrates, and they can be made into feed pellets by the feed pellet mill and be fed animal mixed with ingredients with higher nutritional value; with a heat value of 19.2 megajoules per kilogram, sunflower seed hulls are commonly used as a fuel source. Bum the hulls themselves or they can be processed into fuel pellets with other wood waste products. This renewable resource has less impact on the environment than burning wood logs and is generally more affordable than heating with fossil fuel.

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