cashew nut shelling

The cashew nut processing plant is a whole line for shelling cashew nuts and roasting cashew kernels. Fully-automatic cashew nut shelling and cashew kernel peeling machines save lots of labors.

Cashew nuts processing line procedures


★ Cashew Nut Grading
★ Cashew Nut Cooking
★ Cashew Nut Shelling
★ Cashew Kernel Separating
★ Cashew Kernel Peeling
★ Cashew Kernel Roasting
Note: we can customize machines according to your capacity requirement

1. Cashew Nuts Auto Grading

cashew nut grading machine

Cashew nut grading machine can classify raw cashew nuts into several levels on basis of size and dimension. Generally, cashew nut grading machine has three or four grades.
● capacity: 400 kg/h
● power: 1.1KW/380V
● weight: 1000 kg
● dimension: 3.7*0.85*1.6m

2. Steam Cooking

cashew nut cooking machineRaw cashew nuts in shell are steamed under pressure to soften the shells. The shell of cashew nut is very hard and it contains harmful oil ingredient. Cooked cashew nuts are easy to be cracked and shelled. The process of steam cooking helps in shelling cashew nuts with minimal effort.
● capacity: 200 kg/h
● voltage: 380V/50HZ
● weight: 300 kg
● dimension: 1.4*0.6*1.6m

★ 3. Cashew Nut Cracking & Shelling

automatic cashew cracking machine

Cooked cashew nuts are cracked in automatic cashew nut shelling machines. A roller bearing is used to adjust the distance between rollers for cashew nuts in a different size. The capacity of cashew nut shelling machine can reach 170 kg/h, and for cashew nut shelling line in 300 kg/h, we equip 2 shelling machines here.
● Model: YK-4                                    ● Power: 3 KW
● Capacity: 170 kg/h                         ● Voltage: 380/220/240/415/optional
● Dimension: 1.45 * 1 * 1.55 m      ● Shelling rate: 90-95%
● Weight: 300 kg                                ● Unbroken rate: 3%
● Control type: press button            ● Broken rate: <5%

 4. Cashew shell & Kernel Separating

cashew kernel & shell separating machine

Cashew kernel separating shaker is used to separate cashew kernels from cashew shells and unshelled cashew nuts. After through cashew nut shelling machine, cashew shell pieces and kernels are separated by cashew shaker, and unshelled cashew nuts are returned to be re-shelled.
● capacity: 300 kg/h
● power: 1.1KW/380V
● weight: 120 kg
● dimension: 1.95*0.83*1.15m

★ 5. Cashew Peeling Machine

Cashew Skin Removing Machine

The red skin of each cashew kernel is removed by cashew kernel peeling machine for deep-processing products. This automatic cashew kernel peeling machine works with an air compressor and the internal parts of peeling machine are made from high-quality stainless steel.
● capacity: 300 kg/h
● power: 0.2KW/220V
● weight: 110 kg
● dimension: 1 * 0.75 * 1.5m

6. Cashew Kernel Roasting(Optional)

small scale cashew roasting machine

Roasted cashew kernels have a beautiful appearance and good flavor. Cashew roaster is fully automatic and high efficient. In the roasting process, cashew kernels are heated evenly in high temperature and they would not stick on the inner wall.
● capacity: 300 kg/h
● power: 1.1KW/ 380V
● weight: 460 kg
● dimension: 1.6*1.02*1.47m

1. Latest automatic cashew nut shelling line can finish all cashew nut processing steps from nut shelling, separating, peeling to roasting at one time.
2. All parts in Automatic cashew nut shelling line are controlled by PLC. Fully automatic design can save more and more working time and workforce when compared with manual cashew nut process.
3. The automatic cashew nut shelling line are made from carbon steel and stainless steel. It can have a long service life.
4. Adjustable distance between rollers can press cashew nuts in all size.
5. High efficiency in shelling and separating machine. The final perfect cashew kernels can reach 98%.
6. Advanced design ensures a low broken rate and low energy consumption.

Cashew Nut Grading Machine
400 kg/h
1000 kg
Cashew Nut Steaming Machine
200 kg/h
300 kg
Cashew Nut Shelling Machine
170 kg/h
300 kg
Cashew Kernel Separating Shaker
300 kg/h
120 kg
Cashew Kernel Peeling Machine
300 kg/h
110 kg
Air Compressor
15KW /380V
300 kg
Cashew Kernel Roasting Machine
300 kg/h
1.1KW/ 380V
460 kg