Get to Know Hazelnut Shelling

hazelnut shelling

hazelnut shelling

Are you seeking a high-quality nut cracking and shelling machine designed for processing hazelnuts efficiently? Here you find the right place. Let us discover together how you can increase your income by selling de-shelled hazelnuts to a higher value market. Our hazelnut shelling machine can help you de-hull raw hazelnut easily. Easy operation and compact structure make it popular in hazelnut processing manufacturers.

Application of Hazelnut Shell

Have you ever thought of how to deal with the hazelnut shells? In fact, the shells are also valuable in the energy industry. It is of high calorific value with 4100-4410 cal/kg. Approximately o.5kg hazelnut shell is gained from 1kg in-shell hazelnuts. Many of our customers will further process their hazelnut shells into briquettes or charcoal by the biomass briquette machine which can make solid biomass fuel.

hazelnuts cracking equipment

The hazelnut shelling machine with the capacity of 200-300kg/hr is capable of effectively cracking a batch with varying nut sizes, making it ideal for small or medium-sized hazelnut producer who wants to access higher prices for the shelled nuts. The outstanding features are low energy consumption and high cracking rate.

200-300 kg/h Hazelnut Shelling Machine and Separator Specifications

Model Hazelnut Shelling Machine Hazelnut Gravity Separator
Capacity (kg/h)
200-300 200-300
Power 1.5kw 2.2kw
Dimension 2.35*0.777*1.6m 1.97*0.92*1.35m
Cracking/ Separating Rate >95% >98%
Broken Rate <1% /
Gross Weight 260kg 230kg

Business Tips: Roasted Hazelnut Kernels
when the nuts are shelled, if you want to sell them at a much higher price, you can roast them with a small nut roasting machine(we also supply this machine). The roasted hazelnuts kernels are of wide application in snack and chocolate production; you can also sell the roasted hazelnut kernels directly with the delicate package, popular with young people.

hazelnut shelling processing line

This hazelnut shelling unit is equipped with a grading machine to classify hazelnuts into several levels according to their sizes and dimensions. Graded hazelnuts in similar size would be cracked fully avoiding unshelled or crushed. Hazelnuts cracked by hazelnut shelling machines will flow to gravity tables to be separated from shells.

Hazelnut grading machine not only helps you save a lot of labors but also minimizes waste for less crushed kernels. Unshelled hazelnut is less than 0.3% and kernels which are not fully cracked are less than 2%.

300-500 kg/h Hazelnut Craking and Shelling Unit Specifications

Model Hazelnut Sheller Unit
Capacity (kg/h)
Power 9.08kw
Dimension 18.5*1.6*1.7m
Gross Weight 3000kg
Perfect Kernel > 98%
Hazelnut in hull <0.3%
Kernel with Shell <2%

Business Tips: Chopped Hazelnut
Chopped hazelnut kernels are the final products processed by nut chopping machine, the chopped granules can be used for making the biscuit, candy, chocolate, cookies,etc.

automatic hazelnut shelling and separating line

Hazelnut shelling machines can crack hazelnuts in a different size at one time. Different hazelnuts are screened by sizing decks in hazelnut shelling machine and then cracked by proper pressure.

Multiple sizing and screening procedures ensure a full cracking and shelling steps, avoiding repetitive labor work and saving time and labors. What you just need to do is to put raw hazelnuts into feeders and wait for pure hazelnut kernels.

1000 kg/h Hazelnut Shelling & Separating Unit Specifications

Model Hazelnut Shelling Machine Hazelnut Gravity Separator
Capacity 1000kg/h 1000kg/h
Power 6.75kw 4kw
Dimension 3.1*2*2.15m 3.5*1.1*1.65m
Cracking/Separating Rate >95% >98%
Broken Rate  <1% /
Gross Weight 1900kg 360kg

Business Tips: Sliced Hazelnut Kernels
We can also provide hazelnut slicing machine if you need. The slicing thickness is adjustable (2-4mm), the final products are good material for making pastries.