Nut Roasting Machine Brief Introduction

The nuts roasting machine is used to roast all kinds of dry fruits and nuts automatically. It adopts unique horizontal roller structure, uniform heating, good sealing to effectively roast food. It has electricity heating type and gas/coal heating type. It is heating and roasting in the rotary drum, easy operating, full stainless steel material. We offer different types of nut roasting machines for your options.

Nuts Roasting Machine Features

▷ Advanced structure, the back cover can be opened, it’s very convenient to maintain and repair.
▷ Gas roaster installed an energy-saving stove, firepower can be freely adjusted, and persist stabilization.
▷ Electric roaster equipped with a temperature controller, so the temperature can be adjusted freely.
▷ Good taste and lower energy consumption. The drum’s outer interlayer is made of high-quality asbestos insulation materials, with good thermal insulation properties, and high thermal efficiency can meet various roasted temperature requirements.
▷ Easily discharging, stir-fried nuts in the stereo drum are a non-stick pan in the frying process, it can finish the sieving and discharge automatically. Saving electricity and time.

What to Roast by Nut Roasting Machine

This nuts roasting machine is suitable for processing all kinds of dried fruits and nuts, such as chestnuts, peanuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, almond, rapeseed, vegetable seeds, melon seeds, sesame seeds, beans, herbs and so on. It’s applied for operating in the shopping mall, supermarket, food stores, chain stores, street snacks, and other densely populated areas.

How to Use Nuts Roasting Machine

◇Before using, please check the lines joints and insulation. The outside machine must be connected to the safety ground wire. Followed by is the power supply.
◇Remove the rotary sealing cap from the drum, load the food, and then mounted on the sealing cap. Electric heating roaster: first, open the motor switch, and then open the heating switch, adjust the temperature controller to set the heating temperature, start frying. Gas heating roaster: first open the motor switch starting rotation, and then open the gas tank valve and ignition, finally start frying. Adjust the gas to control the size of the file size.
◇After finishing frying, electric heating roaster: turn off the heating switch and motor switch. Gas heating roaster: turn off the gas tank valve and motor switch. Remove the sealing cap, open the motor reversing switch, the food will be automatically out of the pan and sifting separation.
◇After use, turn off the gas supply and cut off the power, the operator is allowed to leave.

Nuts Roasting Machine Technical Parameters

Model Voltage Power Weight Yield Dimension(mm) Heating source
ALC7-RSK25 220V 0.1Kw 80Kg 12.5kg/time 990*470*1000 Liquefied gas/wood carbon heating
ALC7-HXD25 220V 5.8Kw 80Kg 12.5kg/time 990*470*1000 Electricity heating
ALC7-RSK50 220V 0.15Kw 100Kg 25kg/time 1250*600*1300 Liquefied gas/wood carbon heating
ALC7-HXD50 220V 8.5Kw 100Kg 25kg/time 1250*600*1300 Electricity heating
ALC7-RSK100 220V 1.8Kw 150Kg 50kg/time 1500*800*1560 Liquefied gas/wood carbon heating
ALC7-HXD100 220V 16.5Kw 150Kg 50kg/time 1500*800*1560 Electricity heating