Introduction of Chestnut Roasting Machine

This special electromagnetic chestnut roasting machine adopts the method of adding medium to chestnut and roast. The medium and chestnut can be separated easily and efficiently. The chestnut is heated in the roaster evenly, making it’s color consistent. The special roasting machine is very popular for roasting chestnut.

Applications of Automatic Chestnut Roaster

The chestnut roaster has multi-purposes for roasting chestnuts, peanuts,  cashews, apricot kernels, walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, Chinese herbs.

Main Features of Chestnut Roasting Machine

1. The high degree of automation

The finished roasted chestnuts can be separated from the sand automatically, and then released from the roaster, while the sand is returned to the roaster automatically.

2. Environment friendly

The machine uses electromagnetic heating and has zero carbon emissions to the operating environment.

3. Energy saving

The sand is kept in the roaster, the heat loss is small, energy-saving, and time-saving.

4. High-quality raw materials

The whole machine is made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel materials to ensure the hygiene and safety of roasted products, in line with GMP standards.

5. Human-machine interface

Humanized design, intelligent control, and convenient parameter setting.

6. Strong controllability

Intelligent temperature control, the temperature control accuracy can reach ± 2% in the roasting operation, to ensure that the quality of each batch of the roasted products is the same, the color is consistent; the skill requirements of the operator are low, and the recruitment standard can be reduced.

7. Fault self-diagnosis function

Fault display at a glance.

Technical Data of Chestnut Roasting Machine

Model DCCB 5-4 DCCB 5-5 DCCB 5-8
Capacity 10 kg/batch 15kg/batch 20kg/batch
Power 1-5kw 1.5-7.5kw 3-15kw
Motor power 0.25kw 0.25kw 0.4kw
Voltage 220V 380V 380V
Dimension (mm) 1010*660*1270 1010*660*1270 1310*660*1270
Drum size (mm) 500*1000 500*1000 500*1300

Working Video of Multipopurse Roasting Machine