The Introduction of DCLS Series Roasting Line

The DCLS series electromagnetic roasting production line is featured with a high degree of automation, fast speed, high output, and low power consumption. Only one person can operate the whole operation process, which is time-saving, and labor-saving! It is an ideal fully automatic roasting equipment unit in the roasting market today.

Application of DCLS Series Roasting Line

  • Oil extraction industry: sesame, rapeseed, flaxseed
  • Chemical industry: drying and heating chemical raw materials
  • Feed processing industry: roasting raw materials
  • Tobacco Processing Industry: Tobacco Processing
  • Coarse grain processing industry: rice, millet, wheat
  • Condiment industry: chili, pepper, fennel, cumin
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese medicine roasting
  • Drink industry: Tartary buckwheat (puffed), barley malt

Main Features of DCLS Series Roasting Equipment Unit

  • The high degree of automation

The roasting unit is an assembly line, featured with high speed and high output, and only one person is needed to operate the process.

  • Smart

The machine has a powerful temperature intelligent repair function, strong controllability, and intelligent temperature control.

  • Environmental protection

This roasting line adopts electromagnetic heating and has zero carbon emission to the working environment.

  • Low consumption

The roasting line uses a composite pot body to protect the heat from being dissipated outward, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 95%, which can save more than 45% electricity than traditional electric roasting equipment.

  • Sophisticated materials

Stainless steel materials are used to ensure the hygiene and safety of baked products, in line with GMP standards.

  • Man-machine interface

Humanized design, intelligent control, the parameter setting is convenient and fast.

  • Fault self-diagnosis function

The fault display is clear at a glance.

Technical Data of DCLS Series Roasting Line

Model DCLS 5-40 DCLS 7-60 DCLS 7-80 DCLS 9-100
Capacity 100-250kg/h 150-400kg/h 200-500kg/h 400-800kg/h
Power 7-56kw 10-80kw 15-120kw 22-180kw
Motor power 1.5kw 2.2kw 3kw 4kw
Voltage 380v 380v 380v 380v
Dimension(mm) 4500*890*1500 6500*1010*1600 8500*1010*1600 10500*1200*1940
Drum size (mm) 500*4000 700*6000 700*8000 900*10000

Working Video of 6m Roasting Line for Chili Pepper