Introduction of Electromagnetic Roasting Machine

The electromagnetic roasting machine is intelligent, low power consumption, and environment protection. It is a new type of multi-purpose roasting machine for roasting nuts, seeds, beans, red peppers, puffed rice, chili, spice, and so on. The roasting machine suitable for the coffee shops and different scales of the nuts, spices, and seeds processing industry.

Technical Data of Roasting Machine

Small Roaster Machine Technical Data

DCCZ-4-5 nut roaster

DCCZ 4-5

DCCZ 5-4

DCCZ 5-5

DCCZ 5-10

Model DCCZ4-5 DCCZ 5-4 DCCZ 5-5 DCCZ 5-10
Capacity 20KG/Hr 8-10kg/Batch 10-30kg/Hr 15-20kg/Batch
Roast time 30 minutes 20-35minutes 20-35minutes 20-35minutes
Heating power 1-5KW 1-5KW/5grades 1.5-7.5KW/5grades 3-15KW/5grades
Motor power 0.25KW 0.25kw 0.25kw 0.4kw
Voltage 220V 220V/50HZ Single phase 380V/50HZ Three phase 380V/50HZ Three phase
Overall size(mm) 900*570*1150 930*660*1270 930*660*1270 1530*730*1190
Size of drum(mm) 400*500 500*400 500*400 500*1000

Medium Roasting Machine Technical Data

DCCZ 7-10 oilseeds roasting machine

DCCZ 7-10

DCCZ 7-15 grain roasting machine

DCCZ 7-15

Model DCCZ 7-10 DCCZ 7-15
Capacity 30-100kg/Batch 50-150kg/Batch
Roast time 20-35minutes 20-35minutes
Heating power 4-32KW/8grades 6-48KW/8grades
Motor power 1.1kw 1.5kw
Voltage 380V/50HZ Three phase 380V/50HZ Three phase
Overall size(mm) 1650*9500*1520 2000*9500*1520
Size of drum(mm) 700*1000 700*1500

Large Roasting Machine Technical Data

DCCZ 9-16 large roasting machine

DCCZ 9-16

DCCZ 12-16 herb roasting machine

DCCZ 12-16

Model DCCZ 9-16 DCCZ 12-16
Capacity 150-300kg/h 150-450kg/h
Roast time 20-35minutes 20-35minutes
Heating power 7-56KW/8grades 7.5-60KW/8grades
Motor power 3kw 4kw
Voltage 380V/50HZ Three phase 380V/50HZ Three phase
Overall size(mm) 2000*1190*1650 2170*1540*2235
Size of drum(mm) 900*1600 1200*1600

Application of Electromagnetic Roasting Machine

  1. Nut processing industry: melon seeds, peanuts, cashews, almonds, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, Inca, macadamia
  2. Oil extraction industry: sesame, peanut, rapeseed, soybean
  3. Drinks industry: coffee beans, buckwheat, cereals, barley malt
  4. Tea making industry: making dried tea
  5. For making puffed food: rice, millet, rice cake slices, shrimp sticks, rice cake sticks
  6. Coarse grain processing industry: rice, barley, beans, cereals
  7. Condiment industry: chili, pepper, fennel, cumin
  8. Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese medicine processing
  9. Feed industry: roasting raw materials
  10. Chemical industry: drying and heating chemical raw materials

Main Features of Electromagnetic Roasting Machine

1. Environment friendly

The machine uses electromagnetic heating and has zero carbon emissions to the operating environment.

2. Low energy consumption

The machine uses a composite rolling drum body to protect the heat from being dissipated outward, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 95%, and saves more than 45%  electricity compared to the traditional electric roasting machine.

3. Human-machine interface

Humanized design, intelligent control, and convenient parameter setting.

4. Strong controllability

Intelligent temperature control, the temperature control accuracy can reach ± 2% in the roasting operation, to ensure that the quality of each batch of the roasted products is the same, the color is consistent; the skill requirements of the operator are low, and the recruitment standard can be reduced.

5. Fault self-diagnosis function

Fault display at a glance.

6. High-quality raw materials

The whole machine is made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel materials to ensure the hygiene and safety of roasted products, in line with GMP standards.

7. High roasting temperature

The highest temperature can reach 400℃.

Working Video of DCCZ 7-15 Automatic Electromagnetic Roasting Machine

Working Video of Groundnut Roasting Machine

Working Video of DCCZ 12-16 Roasting Machine