Introduction of Home Nut Roaster

Two models of mini nut roaster are available for home use and small shops: DCCZ 3-4 and DCCZ 3-6.

mini nut roasting machine

DCCZ 3-4

DCCZ 3-6 nut roaster for store

DCCZ 3-6

DCCZ 3-4 mini nut roaster is a single-phase electromagnetic roasting machine for households and small window stores. The output is 3-10 kg per hour. It uses 220V voltage which is suitable for more places. Electromagnetic heating technology contributes to energy saving and environmental protection.

DCCZ 3-6 nut roster is a small-scale electromagnetic roasting machine. The output is 5 kg per batch, roasting time is 15 minutes, and uses electromagnetic heating to save energy and environmental protection. The drum-type pot is heated evenly. 220V voltage and small size make this roaster more convenient to use.

Application of Mini Nut Roaster

  1. For laboratory research
  2. For university teaching practice course
  3. For Chinese medicine processing
  4. For spices industry: chili, pepper, fennel, cumin
  5. For the drink industry: coffee beans, soybeans, black beans, tartary buckwheat
  6. For the snack food industry: sunflower seeds, peanuts, cashews, almonds, chestnuts, walnuts

Main Features of Home Nut Roaster

  1. Small size.
  2. Low power consumption: household electricity,220v, 2A-10A.
  3. Intelligent temperature control: strong controllability and precise temperature control.
  4. A small number of roasted products: 0.5-3kg, which can reduce experiment cost in application.
  5. Low heat radiation: The machine body uses double-layer heat insulation, which has little heat radiation to the working environment (laboratory or classroom).
  6. Environment-friendly. The machine uses electromagnetic heating and has zero carbon emissions to the operating environment.
  7. Low energy consumption. The machine uses a composite rolling drum body to protect the heat from being dissipated outward, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 95% and saves more than 45%  electricity compared to the traditional electric roasting machine.
  8. Human-machine interface: Humanized design, intelligent control, and convenient parameter setting.
  9. Fault self-diagnosis function: Fault display at a glance.

Technical Data of Mini Nut Roaster

Model DCCZ 3-4 DCCZ 4-5
Capacity 3-5kg/batch 5-10kg/batch
Roast time 15-30minutes 15-30minute
Heating power 0.6-3KW/5grades 1-5KW/5grades
Motor power 0.18kw 0.25kw
Voltage 220V/50HZ Single phase 220V/50HZ Single phase
Overall size(mm) 730*510*800 900*570*1150
Size of drum(mm) 300*400 400*500

Working Video of Small Nut Roaster