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Industrial Hemp Seed Shelling Machine

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Industrial-hemp-seeds Shelling & Separating Unit Basic Information

This industrial-hemp-seeds shelling & separating unit is an improved hemp seed processing plant developed by our company. And this processing plant is capable of completing impurity removing, seed dehulling, kernel peeling, shell and kernel separating and re-separating for the hemp seed in one operation.

hemp seeds dehulling machine

hemp seed shelling line

sunflower seed shelling and separating unit

Working Video Of Hemp Seed Shelling Machine

Main Operating Equipment of the Industrial-hemp-seeds Shelling & Separating Unit

1. Feeding hopper, 2. raw materials elevator, 3. multi-function impurity remover, 4. bucket elevator, 5. main engine with double sheller,
6. re-separator (3 sets), 7. hopper that contains materials after the process, 8. wind-driven back-feeder, 9. concentrated control cabinet

components of hemp seeds hulling line

Industrial-hemp-seeds Shelling & Separating Unit Features and Superiority

1. This shelling & separating unit can be used for processing sunflower seeds as well. And also we have specialized sunflower seed shelling line available.
2. The multi-function impurity remover can remove various kinds of impurities, such as stones, glasses, hairs, etc.
3. Special design of double-sheller with conversion technology that helps adjust the working frequency of the sheller according to the operating condition; the sheller has all-steel structure, 99% alumina porcelain blade, which betters the shelling effect and prolongs the service life of the sheller device.
4. The wind-driven back-feeder system returns the non-shelled seeds into the sheller for second shelling process, which means a shelling result with high efficiency.
5. The fish-scale-shaped sieve makes the separation of shell and kernel easy, and by adjusting the inclination angle of the sieve, it will get an ideal separating result; the sieve is coined with high-quality cold-rolling steel sheets, so it is solid and durable.
6.Screw dis-charger facilities the collection of the hemp seed shell and reduction of dust.
7. This unit is conducted by a concentrated control cabinet, having simple and visualized operation; the vibration source of the plant is a vibration motor.
8.High automation and easy maintenance.

Tips: Because the hemp seed has a high oil content, the sheller machine and sieve need regular cleaning. The line can be stopped working for 5-10 minutes for cleaning the sheller and sieve.

Industrial-hemp-seeds Shelling & Separating Unit Technical Data

Perfect Kernel Rate
≧90% (the broken kernel is less than ½ whole one)
Non-sorted Kernel Rate
0.5-0.8t/h (differing by raw materials that is to be processed )
Covering Area of the Whole Unit
14.4×2.8 m
Installation Height
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